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Customer support

We operate with a partnership and co-development approach with all our clients. Our dedicated team of experts is always by your side, providing you with all the necessary resources to maximize the benefits of our collaboration. We offer support in consultation, implementation, training, and ongoing updates, customizing each step to ensure a tailored, optimized service for you.

Integrated help desk

Our dedicated team is available to assist customers with questions or problems. Users can directly engage with Cargoful experts through our integrated help desk, which is equipped with a ticketing system to monitor service progress and promptly resolve any problems that arise.


Cargoful's team is available to our clients, whether it is to resolve technical issues and ensure that the platform is used to its full potential, or to collaboratively explore improved solutions that align with an ever-evolving business.

Advanced integration services

We offer comprehensive technology solutions designed to optimize efficiency at all stages, from development to testing. We leverage Cargoful APIs to ensure aligned integration to management systems and IT suites, enabling our customers to optimize their operations.

Implementation and training

Our commitment to growth and tailored solutions drives us to establish collaborative partnerships with our customers throughout their journey. Our training approach includes on-site sessions, regular meetings during critical implementation phases, and ongoing training initiatives. This approach allows us to stay aligned with our customers' evolving needs and equip them with the tools they need to derive maximum value from our products.

Release & Continuous improvement

At Cargoful we maintain a dynamic mindset; we believe in co-creating the future with our valued partners and customers. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our continuously evolving products, offering solutions that are constantly optimized and available on Cloud . We ensure that our customers are constantly updated by providing them with all software releases so that their systems are always aligned and state-of-the-art.

Let's get in touch

Do you have questions, curiosities, or ideas to develop? Write to us and learn how to use Cargoful to optimize your transportation and integrate it with your existing IT systems.