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Strategic planner

Take advantage of the planning engine and the years of experience of the Cargoful team to redesign and optimize your supply chain. We work together to identify the most critical optimization factors, helping you reduce transportation costs by up to 20%.

A new optimized planning

Every business is unique, with distinguishing features that set it apart from others. Our consulting service offers you the opportunity to optimize your delivery areas and fixed routes to find the ideal configuration for your distribution. We go beyond theory, taking into account real constraints, your resources, and specific needs to identify the levers to activate for optimizing the entire distribution process.

Redesigning your transportation network to optimize, for example, delivery areas or windows, also maintaining fixed routes, allows you to reduce your transportation costs by up to 20%.


Strategic Planner| Cargoful


Scenario simulations

Tailored operational constraints

Advanced analytics

Scenario simulations

Through a detailed and parametric analysis of historical data, we simulate various planning scenarios, finding the optimal solution.

Tailored operational constraints

We create a truly ad-hoc planning from modeling all your operational constraints, customized to your business and needs.

Advanced analytics

Make informed decisions based on concrete information: Cargoful addresses your needs by starting with data, providing you with advanced analytics dashboards to analyze your historical performance and optimize planning.

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