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Advanced technology, at the service of humans

We have crafted the perfect blend of AI, Machine Learning and Operations Research technologies to support your logistics and transportation processes. We help you make optimal decisions, at the maximum possible speed.

Learn, predict, optimise

Our models learn patterns and behaviour from real-life data and help you predict what will happen next. Powerful optimization algorithms will use that information to suggest the best decisions for your future plans. And when reality deviates from plans, new data is fed into the models to power a continuous learning process for constant feedback and refinements.


We call it closed-loop logistics optimization.

Keep humans in the loop

Incorporating human input within AI decision-making processes ensures a more accurate, reliable, and ethical outcome. By orchestrating a harmony between the power of algorithms and the insightfulness of human intervention, our technology strives to put users in the driver's seat. We not only help streamline operations but also empower users to make informed decisions and foster a more engaging and enriching working experience.

Results based on numbers


time saved on planning and order fulfillment


less kilometers traveled


reduction in CO2 emissions
Note: data based on actual customers’ projects

Let's get in touch

Do you have questions, curiosities, or ideas to develop? Write to us and learn how to use Cargoful to optimize your transportation and integrate it with your existing IT systems.