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CO2 reporting

Cargoful is committed to environmental, social, and economic sustainability by providing transparency on transport-related emissions and facilitating the preparation of sustainability reports. We reduce fleet CO2 emissions through optimized routing and continuous monitoring; an implementation that, thanks to optimal load allocation, reduces environmental emissions by up to 15%.

Recognized CO2 calculation model

Cargoful has integrated an emissions calculation module within the platform, which adheres to the GLEC (Global Logistics Emissions Council) framework. This functionality not only enables companies to reduce their emissions, but also provides an effective system for tracking improvements over time. With this module, companies can generate detailed sustainability reports and budgets, providing a clear and transparent view of their commitment to more sustainable environmental goals. A tool that not only facilitates emissions monitoring, but also represents a significant step toward more responsible and conscious management of transportation activities.




CO2 reporting| Cargoful


Customized CO2 calculation and reporting

Sharing of CO2 emissions with customers

Customized CO2 calculation and reporting

Your vehicles, your deliveries, your company. Get customized reports on your CO2 emissions with the sustainability module dashboard.

Sharing of CO2 emissions with customers

Maintain precise control over CO2 emissions in line with your goals and provide your customers with transparent and clear data on emissions calculations and their trends.

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