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Express and home delivery

Through Cargoful, it's possible to manage integrated pickups and deliveries, spanning across lockers, PUDO (Pick-Up and Drop-Off) points, and ever-changing destination points. With our advanced technology and strategic planning approach, we address the specific requirements of home deliveries, providing an excellent level of service to end customers while considering all necessary constraints, such as restricted traffic zones, strict schedules, building accessibility, and many others.

Accurate planning that improves over time

Secure a robust execution plan by leveraging insights from data collected over time. Benefit from next-generation planning, predictively modeling service times, routes, and geographic constraints to minimize distances traveled and reduce fuel costs and time. All future-proof, whether you have traditional, electric, or next-generation fleets.

Make transportation the key to winning more customers

55% of your customers won't make another purchase after a subpar delivery experience. Actively and proactively manage your deliveries to ensure an excellent experience, utilizing estimated arrival time information for each pickup/delivery to automatically notify and engage the customer through SMS, WhatsApp, or other communication methods.

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